Biking at Emory

Emory supports a bicycling culture for those who cycle to work, and those who bicycle around campus. Consider cycling to work or class as a healthier alternative to driving.

Emory's bicycle commuter program provides incentives for those who choose to cycle instead of driving to work. Once cyclists register they receive an Occasional Parking Permit, which will allow them to park on campus in the event of inclement weather.

Rules & Regulations

• It is the policy of Emory University to remove bicycles and/or other vehicles secured in any way to objects other than designated bike racks. This policy applies specifically to railings, handrails, and guardrails, especially those railings or other objects that may be required by persons with mobility impairments.

• Bicycles parked in areas that restrict egress for life safety purposes or in any area that would impede or restrict pedestrian or vehicular traffic will be subject to impoundment. Bicycles that are abandoned for more than thirty (30) days in a bike rack will be impounded.

• The University is not responsible for damage to locking devices that require removal because they are secured to objects other than designated bike racks or are abandoned. If the bicycle is registered with Emory Police or the National Bike Registry, the owner will be contacted at the residence on file.

• Confiscated bicycles will be held for thirty (30) days, after which the bicycles will be recycled.

On-Campus Resources

Emory Bike Social and Emory Spokes Council are undergraduate and graduate student groups dedicated to supporting and advocating a healthy sustainable bicycle community at Emory. They collaborate to run the Fixie, a free bike repair shop on campus, and organize a variety of social rides and educational events about cycling in Atlanta. For more information contact Emory Bike Social or Emory Spokes Council.


Walking to work is one of the healthiest and most inexpensive commute options available. In addition to incentives for walkers, Emory is providing more showers and changing areas on campus for those commuters who walk and bicycle to work. Walkers can also get around campus via Enterprise CarShare, Bike Emory's Bike Share program and Emory's Cliff shuttles.

Click here to register for Bike/Walk registration

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