Carpool Programs and Incentives

Carpooling is an ideal cost-saving arrangement, particularly for those individuals who commute long distances to and from work each day, have limited access to public transit, and arrive and depart from work on a relatively set schedule.

Carpool Basics
Carpool parking assignments are determined by TPS with consideration of requested location.
For employee carpools, the primary driver and secondary participants must apply for the carpool. Register online at

Once all the participants have registered in the carpool, the participants will be contacted by TPS staff.
2-person employee carpools share in the cost of the subsidized annual permit rate. The monthly cost may be pretax payroll-deducted from the primary driver at $28 per month.
3 + person employee carpools receive a subsidized annual permit.
2 and 3+ person employee carpools are eligible to park in designated banks of carpool spaces.


†Existing carpools will retain their reserved spaces.

*Carpools will be assigned to a bank of carpool-only parking spaces and assigned based on where the participants are currently assigned to park and/or availability in other parking areas.

** Occasional Parking Permits are not valid for street parking.

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