Transit Subsidy

Emory University and Emory Healthcare provide qualified employees with a subsidized transit pass, including MARTA, GCT, CCT, and Xpress.

Employees are offered the choice of a subsidized unlimited monthly fare for either MARTA, CobbLinc, Gwinnett County Transit, or Xpress;


  • subsidized unlimited monthly fare for either MARTA, CobbLinc, Gwinnett County Transit, or Xpress AND 20 trips on MARTA. This means the employee will receive one permanent Breeze Card for use with MARTA and either CobbLinc, Xpress, or Gwinnett County Transit. 
    • The transit pass must be presented when boarding the bus for the first leg of the inbound commute trip, and a MARTA transfer must be requested before deboarding. A Cobb/Xpress/Gwinnett transfer must also be requested before changing buses on the outbound commute.
The tickets are to be used primarily for commuting to and from work.
Breezecard Program Guidelines
  • Eligibility for the transit subsidy program is limited to Emory University and/or Emory Healthcare employees who are active full or part-time regular employees (who work a minimum of 20 hours per week).

  • The Parking Services office does not sell MARTA cards for general use. Only Emory-subsidized transit cards are available at the Parking Office.

  • This benefit is non-transferrable and can be used only by the eligible employee.

  • This program cannot be used in conjunction with annual campus parking or with other commute options programs.
This program is non-transferrable and the Breezecard may only be used by the eligible individual to whom it was issued.

Breezecard Program Registration
  • A commute option program application form (.pdf) must be completed and submitted to Transportation and Parking Services office to enroll in the transit subsidy program.

  • The application process includes verifying employment status and verifying program eligibility and may take up to 5 business days.

  • Once an applicant is approved for the program, they may pick up their Breezecard from Parking Services (located in the Starvine parking deck on the Clairmont campus) during regular business hours. (Monday - Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm)
Your annual MARTA Breezecard will automatically renew each January, provided there is no change to your employment status, work location, or living location. If such changes occur, your card will be reviewed and benefits may be terminated. If you foresee no such changes in the near future, expect your subsidized MARTA benefits to continue uninterrupted.

Any and all parking fines must be paid in full before a new transit card can be issued.

Breeze Card Replacement
  • If a card is lost, stolen, or damaged, they can be replaced for a fee of $5.00 when returned to the Clairmont Campus Parking Services Office.

Support for Breezecard Users
Transportation and Parking Services recognizes that coming to campus without a personal vehicle can present specific challenges. Additional resources are available for commuters who choose:

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