If you are traveling on campus after dark, you should always do so in groups of two or more people.  If you need to walk alone and want an escort, you should call for a SafeRide escort.

TPS and the Emory Police Department provide SafeRide service for University/Healthcare employees, students and campus visitors. The program provides a safe escort to an employee or student who feels unsafe travelling to areas of campus that are not directly served by scheduled shuttle service or for those times when the shuttle service is not in operation. The SafeRide may be a shuttle, golf cart, vehicle or walking escort to your destination.

Please tell the shuttle driver if you would like a walking escort from the shuttle stop to your vehicle.

SafeRide operates from 9:00PM – 5:00AM

Three (3) Ways to Request SafeRide

  • TransLoc Rider app

  • Call 404.727.7555 and request a SafeRide (and escort if necessary)

  • Ask a Parking Ambassador or Shuttle Driver

OnDemand feature for SafeRiders!

You can use TransLoc's OnDemand feature 9PM – 5AM to request a ride. The system allows you to reserve a ride from the safety of your dorm room, office, library, etc., and will provide real-time vehicle tracking. You'll receive an alert when the bus is 3-5 minutes away from picking you up.

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